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The pictures from the flooded areas in Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony and Bavaria make one deeply sad and concerned. Over 180 dead, numerous injured and thousands of people who have completely lost their property. The current flood disaster in many regions of Germany suddenly confronts people with comprehensive challenges.

Stainless steel has the property of withstanding attacks from highly corrosive chemicals and is therefore a favorable product for use in the chemical and petrochemical industries. There are austenites, superaustenitic stainless steels as well as duplex, super-duplex stainless steels and nickel-based alloys, which are used in demanding areas of application.

To keep pace with global demand, the oil and gas industry is forced to build up reserves in both deeper and more remote locations. Extraction in extreme environments is a huge challenge. Many traditional reserves have been depleted, and oil and gas storage facilities located in very inaccessible places are now common targets for exploration. Pressures and temperatures that were previously considered unsustainable are now common operating parameters, imposing significant limitations on existing equipment and technologies, so that the oil and gas industry faces serious material challenges.

Clean and safe water is an essential part of our lives. It is a vital resource which must be conserved effectively and efficiently. Water is not only a critical element for our health, hygiene and the preservation of our community, but also for other living organisms, with an important role to play in maintaining biodiversity.

What are the benefits of stainless steel systems for the medical technology sector?

Sascha Wünschmann: Simple handling, long service life and, above all, safe conditions: products for medical use have always been very demanding. In addition, there are special requirements and regulations for medical devices. Stainless steel is particularly resistant to external surroundings, such as periodic frequent cleaning and sterilization.

Today, stainless steel is extensively used for various applications, including those that can have an impact on human health. It is used in many hospitals, medical practices and rescue services. Stainless steel has played a significant role in medical safety in hospitals for decades and it is also widely used in the field of medical technology.

What are the benefits of stainless steel systems for the energy technology sector?
It goes without saying that high quality stainless steel plays a critical role in contributing to a sustainable energy future. Because of its good properties, stainless steel is an excellent material with which to support high-tech power generation systems. Stainless steel convinces the user through its good properties, including strength, durability, recyclability and ease of manufacturing. Only minimal maintenance work and repair are required due to the corrosion resistant properties of the material.

One of the outcomes of fast economic growth and rising living standards in many parts of the world is that the energy demand is growing faster than ever. Stainless steel plays a role in many of these emerging technologies, including power generation. The application of stainless steel avoids repair work due to the material's corrosion-resistant properties, even in extremely severe operating conditions. Solar panels, for example, are subject to a broad range of surrounding conditions during their lifetime and the corrosion behaviour of stainless steel is therefore a critical element in the selection of the right materials for building solar panels.

Böllinghaus Steel has made a significant donation of 55.000 € to the Centro Hospitalar in Leiria. The donation will be used to support the hospital, its health care workers and patients affected by the COVID-19 pandemic through the purchase of critical equipment and supplies for the fight against the virus.

Take a look at the largest container ports in the world.

Especially in harsh environments, metallic materials such as stainless steel are increasingly used to meet growing demands for efficiency and durability in structures. There are many good reasons to consider stainless steel for the marine and shipbuilding industry. The material’s significant properties, including its stiffness retention at high temperatures, ductility and strength make it a popular material for various applications in the marine and shipbuilding industry. Stainless steel has a combination of high residual value (as a result of the alloy content) and great durability, lending itself to extensive reuse, with practical, economic and environmental benefits.

What are the benefits of stainless steel systems for the marine- and shipbuilding industry?

Stainless steels have high corrosion resistance and simultaneously meet a wide range of technical challenges and offer very advantageous operating properties, especially for demanding industries such as the marine- and shipbuilding industry. The material’s significant properties, including its resistance, stiffness retention at high temperatures, ductility and strength make it a popular element for many applications in the marine- and shipbuilding industry. For instance, the duplex stainless steels offer potential applications in extremely corrosive environments, such as nitric, sulfuric or phosphoric acid. Intensely high corrosion rates can cause a complete system failure within a short period of time. The use of stainless steel profiles can offer a permanent and maintenance-free solution to possible corrosion damage to susceptible components in the marine-and shipbuilding industry. The material is reliable and ensures low maintenance costs, long life and an easy recycling process at the end of the life cycle.

It has been an extraordinary year behind us, with many changes and surprises, in which it was more important than ever to stick together and support each other. We wish you and your family a merry, peaceful and blessed Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful New Year.
Thank you for your confidence in us and the good cooperation.
This year instead of christmas presents we decided to support the child protection agency „Ortsverband Hilden e.V. des Deutschen Kinderschutzbundes“.
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