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The unique properties of titanium – light, stable and durable

Wherever biomedical compatibility is crucial or contact with corrosive substances is possible, titanium is the best choice − for example, in medical technology, in the chemical industry or in facilities located in seawater. The corrosion and temperature resistance of titanium is extremely high, especially for chloride solutions, seawater and organic acids. Its corrosion resistance and biocompatibility make titanium a frequently used material in medical technology. It is used, for example, to manufacture joint replacements, dental implants or artificial heart valves.

Böllinghaus Steel manufactures titanium profiles for demanding applications

Our many years of experience in metal processing are also applied to the production of titanium.
We combine our knowledge with the enormous technological possibilities of today – to ensure the best quality of our products and the highest customer satisfaction. We are well aware of the specific properties of titanium and produce titanium profiles for precision parts according to international standards in our own factory in Portugal. Come and speak to us! We are happy to consult you.