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Stainless steel – a reliable material for the chemical industry

Stainless steel has the ability to withstand attacks from highly corrosive chemicals and is therefore a popular metal for use in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Stainless steels, including super austenitic/superferritic and duplex stainless steels that can compete with nickel and titanium alloys, can be used for extremely demanding applications. The consequences of corrosion are unplanned plant and pipeline failures, production losses, high maintenance and repair costs.

Stainless steel profiles from Böllinghaus Steel possess chemical properties that protect against corrosion and withstand these negative effects. The mechanical properties of stainless steel remain unchanged even in aqueous and gaseous environments with high temperatures.

Acidic, toxic, and flammable chemical compounds can attack piping systems, with devastating consequences for the production process. The use of stainless steel profiles can counteract complications in the production process.

The corrosion resistance, weldability, strength, deformability and manufacturing diversity of stainless steel protect against product contamination. The material has high-strength properties and can improve production processes and equipment maintenance. Stainless steel also promotes the safety aspect of work processes and contributes to cost and product optimization.