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Get to know our young professionals Joana and Yannick

Get to know our young professionals Joana and Yannick

Enthusiasm for Development and Diversity - Insights into the Experiences of Joana Raven and Yannick Eiselt at Böllinghaus Steel

In a time when young people are seeking opportunities for their professional development, Joana Raven and Yannick Eiselt consciously chose the path of training and dual studies at Böllinghaus Steel.
The two young talents share their thoughts on how they contribute their personal strengths to their training and studies, as well as their fascination with specific countries.

A Conscious Choice for Böllinghaus Steel

Joana Raven, aspiring industrial clerk, reflects the positive appeal of Böllinghaus Steel: "The company culture and the opportunities at Böllinghaus impressed me." Joana emphasizes the prospect of solid training and the combination of theoretical knowledge with practical experience in a company with a long tradition. She sees herself as a team-oriented person who enjoys supporting colleagues and continuously developing herself to contribute to the company's success.

Yannick's Analytical Approach to Challenges

Yannick Eiselt, dual student in International Business, relies on his ability to grasp complex matters and develop informed solutions. "My analytical thinking allows me to make efficient progress even in challenging projects," explains Yannick. His high willingness to learn and flexibility help him adapt to the changing demands of the dynamic corporate environment.

International Perspectives and Fascinating Countries

Both apprentices share a curiosity for international perspectives sparked by Böllinghaus Steel's international orientation. Joana has a particular interest in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the UK.
"The diversity of these countries and their economic significance have captured my attention," she emphasizes. On the other hand, Yannick is drawn to the cultural facets of the USA and Canada's economic strength. "The USA, as a melting pot of different cultures, offers incredible diversity and innovation, while Canada impresses with breathtaking landscapes and a relaxed lifestyle."
Spain also holds great fascination for him, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and laid-back way of life.

Realistic Future Plans

While Joana contemplates living and working in one of the fascinating countries, Yannick sees the opportunity to enrich his personal and professional development through such international experience. Both have realistic plans for their future in mind.

Commitment to Development and Opportunities

Joana Raven and Yannick Eiselt represent the young talents who enthusiastically and actively pursue their path at Böllinghaus Steel. With their individual strengths and realistic goals, they bring fresh energy to the company and contribute to its success.

We are happy to have such dedicated and motivated young talents like Joana and Yannick on our team. Their passion for development and their open attitude towards new challenges are inspiring and demonstrate how young people recognize and seize the opportunities of today's global world.

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