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Böllinghaus Steel - Your partner for shaping the future with stainless steel solutions.


Since 1889 we are committed to supply innovative and sustainable products to create added values to our partners. Our qualified and motivated team is key to our success for our common future.

Team Oriented & Familiar

We are one team with many different personalities who look out and stand up for each other. We support each other and overcome challenges together.

Creative & Innovative

We listen to all employees, are open for new ideas and think outside the box. It is okay to discard ideas and to restart with fresh thoughts.

Respectful & Appreciative

We live a corporate culture which is characterized by communication and solidarity. We constantly question ourselves and continue to develop. We cultivate a respectful and service-oriented approach to our customers and colleagues.

Solution Oriented & Precise

We do not only want to satisfy our customers, we want to inspire them with products of highest quality. In order to further develop ourselves and the company, we act in solution-oriented and committed manner as a team.

Responsible & In Solidarity

We are open for feedback, offer it to others and share relevant knowledge proactively. We act responsibly in our dealings with each other, customers and environment. We use our resources conscientiously for sustainable growth.

Flexible & Fast

We do not stand still. We are open to change and help to shape it actively. We recognize the individual needs of our customers and serve them immediately.


Following principles of management following ethical, environmental, social and sustainable aspects are guidelines for our efforts within our integrated management system at Böllinghaus Steel:

  • Customer focus, promoting the timely delivery of products;
  • Engagement and responsibility for our employees for self-awareness with training plans;
  • Process orientated approaches, offering flexibility in manufacturing;
  • Chance and risk orientated thinking, from periodic results evaluation;
  • Continuous improvement of environmental protection and preventing pollution;
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injuries and ill health, eliminating hazards and reducing risks, including consultation and participation with workers and its representatives.

Quality, compliance and safety of our products and services are fundamental principles for lasting and sustainable development of Böllinghaus Steel. All our efforts are focusing on customer needs by establishing a relationship of trust and loyalty with the Böllinghaus brand. Our integrated management system enables a continuous improvement and assessment process of all important structures and processes on the base of laws and other regulations.

All Quality, Environmental and Safety management systems at Böllinghaus Steel will be developed and improved in a continuous way to follow our core principles and will also be adapted to the changing and specific context of Böllinghaus Steel in an appropriate way.

Established principles of our integrated management system are the base for development of objectives in all systems by actively integrating ideas and contributions of all employees from all internal structures of Böllinghaus Steel.