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Stainless steel is the ideal material for the oil and gas industry

Stainless steel profiles from Böllinghaus Steel have been used in various applications in the oil and gas industry for decades. Duplex stainless steel is particularly suitable for use in this industry. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and protects material against chlorides and chemically aggressive materials which endanger oil and gas operations. In addition, stainless steel has many properties that help to extend the life of offshore rigs. The material withstands exposure to salt water, acids and sand.
In particular, super-duplex stainless steels can counteract extreme corrosion and high-pressure situations and are often used in oil and gas exploration. In addition, austenitic stainless steels, duplex stainless steels and nickel alloys are especially used in the oil and gas industry because of their resistance to heat and corrosion.

We have been supplying the oil and gas industry with stainless steel profiles for demanding onshore and offshore applications for many years. The material is characterized by its high strength and ensures maintenance-free operations.

Stainless steel profiles are commonly used in the construction of oil rigs as well as gas treatment plants, piping and support systems. In addition, stainless steel profiles are used for the construction of bridges, aisles, safety equipment and railings. We offer a wide range of stainless steel grades that meet high mechanical strength requirements.