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Stainless steel – a reliable material for water and wastewater technology

Stainless steel offers a low-maintenance and durable design solution for water and wastewater installations. Stainless steel is characterized by its corrosion resistance and can withstand the substances in wastewater. The material convinces with its flexibility and is versatile and easy to work with.
The use of stainless steel in water and wastewater technology guarantees good water quality and low maintenance. Successful desalination of water requires a corrosion-resistant material that withstands the aggressive seawater atmosphere. High performance stainless steels, including duplex, are an excellent choice.

Small and robust stainless steel units allow contaminated groundwater and surface water to be processed. A reliable water supply can thus be guaranteed. Stainless steel is ideal for hygienically demanding applications that are subject to frequent cleaning cycles.