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The pictures from the flooded areas in Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony and Bavaria make one deeply sad and concerned. Over 180 dead, numerous injured and thousands of people who have completely lost their property. The current flood disaster in many regions of Germany suddenly confronts people with comprehensive challenges. The floods in southwestern Germany have caused devastating destruction and cost thousands of people their belongings. Two weeks after the catastrophic floods, regions are still cut off from the outside world and continue to struggle with the consequences of the storm.

The violence of the destruction and the suffering of our fellow human beings in the disaster areas touch us deeply. We mourn the victims and are with their families in our thoughts. As a company that has always been based in West Germany, we feel very close to the region and would like to support those affected in getting back to normality.

Many regional facilities were damaged and flooded by the storm, including the Odenthaler Kobolde e.V. family centre. The day care centre is located directly on the otherwise tranquil Dhünn River and was severely damaged in the storm. The ground floor and the outdoor facilities were completely flooded and destroyed. With a donation of 2,000 euros, we would like to make a financial contribution to the reconstruction and repair of the damage. The attachment to the facility results not least from the fact that the children of an employee attend the day care centre and feel an enormous emotional attachment to the facility. Without the day care centre, they lack the regular daily structure.

We also support the relief action of Formbar, a catering company from Hilden, which provides 500-700 portions of food free of charge to flood relief workers in Bad Neuenahr/Ahrweiler and distributes toys to children. We would like to support Formbar's relief campaign with a donation of 2,000 euros. Formbar has set up a complete food station to provide those affected with a freshly cooked meal. With the donations we would like to set a sign of solidarity and bring joy to the people in these extraordinary times.

Would you also like to donate? Help us to help the people and institutions so badly affected by the floods! Links to the aid campaigns:

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